Sooo... I bought my first bass FX pedal. It's an Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff.

I bought this pedal because I need distortion in (at least) one of the songs our band plays (we have a gig on Thursday). And also because bass distortion sounds awesome, of course.

I compared this to EHX Bass Blogger and the Muff just sounded better. I could get a good sound with any settings (though I like having the tone down a bit not to sound too harsh) while the Blogger had only some settings that sounded good. The distortion sounds massive and that's what I like. It cost €75.

Now I just need an amp.
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HNPD! Combine Big Muff with Big Amplifier = Drive neighbors barking mad!

Enjoy it!
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Interesting. HNPD!! I'll search for soundclips of it, just because it seems very popular...
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