Our Dystopia - [forbidden link]

“Definition: The illusion of a perfect society maintained by means of control”

Our Dystopia are a 5-piece melodic rock band based in Birmingham, UK and were formed in late 2011.

Bringing a wide range of influences to the table, OD have created a unique style of melodic rock - based on hard-hitting guitar riffs and belting vocals with the aim of blowing your socks off so hard, they will punch a hole in the fabric of space and time!

2013 is the year in which we aim to kick-start the OD revolution! We will be releasing our first array of ear-smashing tunes to the masses, and announcing shows all over the place.

Enjoy the video for our new song 'A Falls Echo' on YouTube, but beware the Dupstep drop and the Evil eyes of the Miniature Beast of Burden may just blow your mind.

Our Dystopia - A Falls Echo - [forbidden link]
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