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I currently have a Ibanez GAX70 Electric Guitar that I bought 2 years and probably 6 months ago for $200. It's a good guitar and I don't have many complaints. All though is a good guitar, I've realized it's a beginners guitar.
It's weird, it's as if I can feel it holding back my guitar playing.

Anyway, my question to you is: what is the "next level" of guitars?
I need help on deciding what is past beginner.

I most defiantly want another ibanez. I want to get a ibanez with a Floyd rose and am willing to spend $500.
The most I would spend is $560. $600 if I REALLY have to and it makes a difference.
Where I live isn't near any music stores so I the section at my local one is very very limited.
The guy at the music store says if I find a guitar online, hell get it for cheaper and aell it to me.
But what ibanez guitar with a Floyd rose is good? Not trying to get something shitty.
Any reccomendations or thoughts would be great!
Thanks in advance, and sorry for any typos. Typing and auto correct on the iPod is stupid.
I'm not sure what the starting prices are on the new Ibanez "Iron Label" series, but if he says he can get it for cheaper, see what he can do for you. I'm partial to most of the RG series as well. I don't own an ibanez anymore but can vouch for the RG series.
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Go second hand and get a nice used Prestige RG1570.

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Go second hand and get a nice used Prestige RG1570.

+1. Take a look at ebay. Good chance to come in under your budget.
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Yes, S series is great. Just got a S570MQM, made in dec 2011(discontinued, now its the S570DXQM), new in a shop on display. It would have costed $650, I got it for $525!

Or a nice used one. Specifically used prestige or even premium, can get an older one for under $600 easily.
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