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Hey everyone! was in a local guitar shop recently to try out some Les Pauls, and saw this hanging on the wall

no model name that i could see, was in decent condition and only said Gretsch on the headstock in a this a common model or did i find something cool?
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No clue what that is, but definitely something vintage.
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Looks to me like a Gretsch New Yorker without a pickguard.
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Yup, Addonexus nailed it...
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From a quick search on New Yorkers, seems like the logo is different on this one. did just a little research and it looks like Gretsch used the banner style logo like i saw on this one prior to 1955...not sure how accurate that is, if any Gretsch experts care to confirm this or not
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Gretsch Syncromatic acoustic with a pickup installed.
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Looks like an old new Yorker did they make that model back then don't think it was a Syncromatic they all seem to have ornate bridges
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so roughly what would this guitar go for with the mods and all? Honestly i dig the fact they threw a pickup in it. I'm a big Jack White fan and it kinda has that certain "mojo" to it like something he would play...maybe it's just me lol