Hey so I'm not thinking of quitting my band but I've got some problems that I havant really seen on other forums before.

I really like the music we make. We are a jam band so all of our inspirations come together at once to make something we all like. I play guitar and I'd say I have an emo/guitar music style of play, and the others (bass&drums) are more rock/alternative. So there is no problem musically, I can play what ever my heart desires. Altho I do sometimes feel like I should tone it down a bit, but I think they feel the same way with there influences.

The problem lies in the direction of the band.
I don't like the name of our band but Im going with it. It's too serious.
I don't like the visuals we use. Too serious, unoriginal.
We've only played with rock bands when I would say we sound much more indie.
They keep wanting to make long sets when I see it better for a set to be short.
We have different ideas on where to play.

Theses may sound superficial but I feel like they don't "get it". Its an ego thing I guess but we are just not representing ourselves in a smart way. Like they have no idea to build hype and mange a band so that you seem like a professional well put together band. I think that theses things that are crucial to being successful with a band.
I don't think they realize that there are millions of other bands out there and were not really special until we build ourselves up.
I don't feel proud to represent our band unmusically.

I guess Im just venting but has anyone had theses problems before in a band that could maybe give me some advice or what your situation was?

1. name doesn't matter if the music is good. have you seen the names rock bands have?
2. so what? it's a visuals thing. at least they're not dressing like clowns
3. so you're more experimental? so what? that's a good thing
4. YOU'RE A JAM BAND. Jam bands are historically known for doing long, experimental improvised sets.

question is are you making music because you enjoy making the music, or are you wanting to be playing generic, catchy shit to get attention?
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I don't care to much about the name.
We are only a jam band when making songs, and I always seem to want to get more tecnical than they do.
And I love being experimental.

I can see why you would be shaming me.
I do love making music, but once you want to gig I think it totally changes things, and you haft to be conscious of that. I think our goals are different. I think all of us are trying to make the band successful but we are looking in different places to do so.

I also feel like my creativity isn't being brout out in the visuals.
One time we made a visual image together and it turned out fine, something I could be proud of, but I was not a fan of our first album cover, and I'm scared of what are next single's album is going to look like. I just want something simple like a bear or something but there thinking of making an over done image thats to crowded.

I guess im just a dick, but im fine with that.
Advice I got from a great artist was "keep it simple stupid" and its stayed true for me as long as I know when to appyle it right and when its good to detail. In any art.
gotcha. technicality is understandable. you just gotta play as you feel comfortable. I would make it clear that you want to get someone decent designing the artwork.

i would just come to an agreement with the bandmembers. don't tell us; tell them.
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger