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I can pretty much agree with all of that. The thing that gets really annoying is that when someone says "It isn't Death Metal," or "It isn't progressive," fans (not all of them) of the band tend to fly off the handle, like their enjoyment of the band is based on it being death metal or something, like it really needs to be argued. If you dig it, who gives a shit what genre tag it holds? Why bother trying to come up with some reason that the forum should accept it as death metal, you know what I mean?

Moving on, I've listened to the first album a couple times, and while to me it's not necessarily enjoyable, it isn't really something I'd bitch about, generally. They pull off the "ambient" stuff a lot better than their contemporaries, I think, though I still find it feels kind of forced most of the time. Most of their actual music bores me pretty quickly, though, but when they drop into the more vibey slower bits it sounds like they're onto something, sort of. And I've stated it before, the lead tone is great, like a good blend of Cynic and Mithras, or something. I don't really care for much of the lead playing, though, but at least he's trying something a little more out there, his note choice has kind of a Shawn Lane or Allan Holdsworth quality occasionally, which I can dig.

On the whole, it's not my thing, really, and I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it, but I have a friend who's into this type of stuff, and I'd take it over just about anything it's reminiscent of.
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like their enjoyment of the band is based on it being death metal or something

This was basically the point I was trying to make. I wasn't commenting on this band in particular, just the nature of the argument which I see time and time again.

Listening to the EP posted on the first page, I don't like the mix of expansive melodic sections with bouncy drums and vocals in the first song. I'd prefer the drums to follow the melodies and moods more, and for it to have clean vocals to be honest. Fortunately this feels much more cohesive on the last song.

I can hear the post hardcore/metalcore influence that NotFromANUS implied, perhaps moreso than the Death Metal influence, but please understand that this is an observation, not a judgement.

It's a nice enough EP, and I get why people like it, but it would be improved greatly if the individual sections within the songs worked together a bit more (and if the vocals weren't unpleasant).
This is just personal opinion, but I found that once you follow the melodic "themes" of the tracks, so to speak, they actually flow pretty well. It can give off a BTBAM-esque "Anddd.... NOW, the clean part' vibe at first, but after 2 or 3 listens I noticed that it's all related, and deliberately done as a dynamic. Part 3 shows this off best, with the clean section basically morphing from a variation on the first half, to introducing the outro before it happens, and part 1 isn't much different.

I get what you're saying, and opinions, etc blah blah blah, just something I know took me a few listens. Still, it's far more aesthetically interesting than anything else they've ever done, and I can't wait for the album.
I used to not like Fallujah, but I decided to give them another listen and I'm really glad that I did. Sick jams. I especially like the "Leper Colony" album.
Saw them support Suffocation the other night.

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