Just wondering if anyone that has the capability of recording at home would like to work on a project with me.....Must have some decent experince and able to play well looking for guitarist,bass,and drums. Vocal ability would be a plus. I have been playing 16yrs so i would prefer people will smillar skills and intrest. Im into rock and metal so its going to be heavy but thought about doing some all acoustic work to so let me know if anyone is interested.
for how long? well I play guitar and bass, I'm no expert but no noob either. I play mostly metallica, muse, radiohead, that kind of stuff so i guess not really on the heavy side but I'm flexible so yeah... let me know.
also i can't really sing but i can use vocaloid so there's that too.
Ok cool sounds like we have a lot of the same taste in music. I'm asuming u have some way to record, I can give u my email and we will go from their we will talk about how we will go about this and as long as u r still down we will start. I think it would be awsome to start an online band lol but ne way my email is josh_n_indy1986@yahoo.com I have multiple ways and programs to use to do this so hit me up
Check out my soundcloud:
I can play guitar at a near professional level, record/mix pretty well, been singing/screaming for years. I'd be down to collab, but would prefer something other than email to chat with, more to the side of instant messaging. Send me a PM if you're interested
wow BloodReverence that is some awesome music you have there it would be great if we could work together.

here's some of my stuff(youtube), not as good as you but still...

anyway if you guys are interested let me know.oh and also i think that we definitely should use IM if we do decide to do something