are there any other insomniacs out there? I'm just curious how your musical writing is affected by it (vocal, instrumental, lyrics, anything).

Like me, for example, I'll have a month of normal sleep then a month of basically staying awake and dreading life. I'm in those moments right now after a great stretch of three months of benig normal. ANyway, I find that my instrumental writing is a lot more "backwards" so to say and less boxy...It just sounds like drugs is the best way I can put it...Even if I'm high I can't write like that so most times I prefer to be delirious when I write music because of it...

I also noticed that when I'm actually getting sleep that my writing is worse in my opinion.

living feels like a chore

but i have ideas for songs riffs melodies all the time

the only problem is having the will power to write them down before i forget them because of my shitty memory cause i havent slept well in years
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living feels like a chore

I'll drink to that.
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god i just noticed that i used "" instead of ""


but yeah, i can relate to you with that...a lot of times I'll have osmething then forget it by the time i have my recorder in my hand...sometimes I cant even write lyrics down fast enough befoer forgetting them...
Lack of sleep my phrasing, creativity and style start to shine, especially late at night. My rhythm with playing other works will turn to crap though, the mind just doesn't give a **** about counting at 9 in the morning with a terrible lack of sleep. Gotta love classical. haha
I find I write best when unable to sleep. I'm pretty sure Jeff Mangum wrote most of his songs when he was going through insomnia as well.