Well, name says it all. Lately my picking hand has been missing a lot of notes lately. It's kinda like this:I'll be trying to pluck the strings but for some reason my picking will completely miss the notes instead of plucking them like I'm supposed to. So instead of hitting the notes I need it kinda skips them. I play in a metalcore band with a lot of alternate picking and single note riffs so it's important that I figure this out. Any tips?
It can be a few things. The most likely thing is that you need to practice more. Practice at as slow a tempo as you need in order to play accurately consistently.
If you are practicing with mistakes, you're pretty much practicing to play with mistakes.

Another thing it could be is the length of your strap. If you're practicing sitting down you are practicing with the guitar at a certain angle. If your strap is too long, you'll change your posture when playing standing up. So if you can play perfectly when practicing, you could look into your posture when standing up.

Those are just some ideas...most likely it's just down to practicing, and practicing correctly.
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I definitely practice. I do it everyday pretty much. But I think its about how I'm going about it. Truth is I probably should take things a little slower I guess. I have a bad habit of rushing stuff when i play. So thanks for the tip! I feel like it could be the strap too.I didn't think about it much before but I do tend to play better with my strap up a little higher. Especially cuz I'm a little short haha thanks again!