More Than Blood is meant to be more single-esque with some metalcore riffs in the middle and a weak little solo, lol.

In Memory Of.....(newest) is a bit more single-esque with a very thrashy verse and everything is a bit more groove and hook based. I also put another little solo in there just to see what it sounded like. More like a quick little melodic lead though

Run or Die is meant to be a bit more chaotic with room for a potential solo about 2/3 the way through it. I think it's one of my better songs actually.

Raid is a thrash oriented song. It's verse is definitely old-school while the rest of it has a more modern sound to it, especially the chorus and breakdowns. I'm sure it could benefit from a killer solo, but that's not my bread n butter

Siedem has a slower BPM, but feels generally fast throughout. There's hardly any thrash beats, so I'm not sure how to classify it. This has by far the most different influences combined into one song that I've ever done. I'm not sure how it came together, but it certainly works.

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Good stuff! Your playing is real tight. I wish I could say the same about my own, lol. I really liked Siedem and Run or Die. You just need some vocals and your band will be perfect.
I'll be talking about Siedem, since it's the most recent (according to SoundCloud). I'm listening to the track using my Yamaha HS80M studio monitors. I'll be speaking from a producer's standpoint, primarily.

- I like the feel of the song, I can envision (or enhear? :P) it with better production - good song structure.

- There's a lot of bandwidth that can be occupied that isn't being used, probably due to the guitar tone; it's sort of dull. I'm not sure if you're using direct-in or if you're actually mic-ing, though I have a hunch that it's probably a lower quality microphone. If you're mic-ing, you might want to invest some more time in getting a more frequency-rich position, or getting a better microphone like the SM57 or the E609. If all else fails, try saturating some mid-high frequencies with tape-distortion. Or mess around with EQ and scoop away some of the gunk at 200-400 Hz.

- More compression can be used to accentuate the palm mutes (though I think you are using some compression anyway).

- Nice snare, well mixed. Could have a bit more character by letting it have some more mid-range. Also, slightly compressed reverb would maybe be a nice addition. The kick can be slightly more distorted around the mid-high range too to give it more edge (Or just turned up).

- The track sounds a tiny bit too spaced out; it could use a bit more compression to sort of glue things together. I don't know how opposed you are to the whole "loudness wars" thing, but the track can definitely be much louder.

- The track is also lacking some low-end tightness (not low-end sounds, just the tightness of stopping and starting in a controlled fashion). A multi-band compressor can aid with this endeavor.

But besides that, great effort man! Like I said, check out my SoundCloud link I posted on my thread, YouTube butchers the audio quality. Actually, I'll just paste it here:

Wow. An actual review with actual tips. Much appreciated.

I'm actually using 2x shure 57s and a Focusrite Scarlette 2i4. My amp is an Engl FB 100, my cab is a Vader 2x12, using an MXR Zack Wylde OD with a Boss NS-2 for both tracks, and a hint or TC Electronics Corona Chorus on the right tracks. I used a Schecter Hellraiser w/EMGs as well.

There are a few considerations to WHY it sounds a bit dull.
First, the strings weren't super fresh when I recorded, but that's sort of a squashed theory when I consider that straight off my laptop, crappy internal speakers or headphones, that the tracks sounded very crisp for the most part.
Second, by using Reaper and being a relative newb to transfering my tracks to Mp3 form, I've been using the "Bounce" option as my only way of transfering. The end results have been mostly extremely quiet and have a "blanket" sound to them. The Siedam track was actually clipping immensely, but still sounded much better than the three other tracks that were EQ'd more typically.
Third, I'm still very amature-ish at tracking and panning. Even with 12 guitar tracks, it's not ideal.

Thx again though.
And you're right, youtube really did butcher that song of yours
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Thanks for the crit man, in response to your question by rule of thumb I use quite a lot of compression on both drums and vocals but with vocals especially I generally compress the crap out of them, use a subtle delay and some nice reverb (once again subtle though!). Anyway, here's your crit:

Listening to Siedem - intro sounds very Trivium-esque to me, sweet pedalling riff. Obviously I won't comment on the production too much given they're drafts but the tone is quite solid but just need a tad more high end or high mids to bring it out a bit.

If you're using programmed drums my hint is to play around with velocity as well as offsetting some of the notes to give a more natural feel - also means if you go out of time whenever you can just move the kick to keep the chugging aligned with the kick (if that makes sense?).

I'll check out your other stuff - sounds promising, just need good production to bring it out.
Uploaded another Track and re-mixed some of the first songs a little bit. I guess my first problem was I hadn't had the bitrate up high enough.

"In Memory of...." is the newest track

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