Hi UG'ers.

Title kinda says it. I either want to buy a ukulele or a guitalele. There are a couple of things here. First of all, I already have a ukulele, but it cost around 30 euros, so you could imagine it's kinda crappy. I have had quite a lot of fun with the thing, though, so I was thinking to buy a new, better one, to increase the amount of fun. On the other hand, there's the guitalele, which I recently rediscovered. I already play acoustic guitar, so the learning process won't be a reason to buy a ukulele instead of a guitalele. I also know that the guitalele's top four strings are tuned the same as the strings on a ukulele, but I think the ukulele looks better and has more 'character' than the guitalele.
Last thing I want to say is; I would like to take it with me on vacations and other occasions, just to make things more cosy and stuff, so that's basicly what I'm going to use it for.

My problem, then, is that I do not know any more factors that would determine which one to buy.
The funny thing is that while I'm typing all this, I can imagine it's even harder for you to recommend me, under these circumstances, what's better. So I'm going to ask you a more general question:

Which one do you prefer, and why?
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Well, I've got one of the little Yamaha numbers, and it's quite a lot of fun to play. I put a set of D'Addario Pro Arte strings on it and that did seem to improve the sound a bit... It is a laminate instrument, after all.
I also just tried tuning it down slightly, a step, so that the Low string is a G instead of an A. Can't decide...
Anyway, it's more of a "really small guitar" than a uke, to my mind. There are lots of video clips of people playing everything from classical guitar pieces to blues on the little guys....
The instrument you're talking about is called a baritone ukulele. It is tuned to four guitar strings. It will have a lower tone.
To whom are you responding, Lakejumper? Because I'm not talking about a baritone ukulele, but the Yamaha GL-1 type guitaleles, which have six strings that are tuned A-D-G-C-E-a. For as far as I know Yamaha is the only corporation (worth mentioning) who makes these things.
actually cordoba makes the guilele, and it's got a solid top, nicer hardware, tone and build quality - but of course, it costs more, too, although it's not bad. i saw my first guilele before i saw a guitarlele, btw
also available in acoustic electric with a cutaway

btw, i own a yamaha guitalele, and it's a nice little tiny guitar. i tune it down to G, also, and play it both fingerstyle and use it for slide (go figure!). it's lots of fun, and i made sure to choose one that was well intonated when i picked it up at gc.
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