Hi UG community, yesterday I have encountered a problem and I have a litle idea what might the problem be, but I'm not sure. Yesterday I came back from a practice session, and when I got to re-setup all my pedals, one in particular didn't sound the same. It's the fuzz factory. Before I had that particular sound that is the FF with a distorion frm a boss pedal. But this time it didn't sound at all the same and the settings are the same! I know that i have a cable that I use and is old and doesn't work perfectly. So before I go buy another cable do you guys now what's the problem?

Thanks in advance for answers!
fuzz factories are temperamental as ****. they're very sensitive to temperature changes, and the same settings will rarely give the same tones. it's one of those pedals that you have to dial in on the fly every time you play it.
Are you using it with a power source or battery?
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I never had this problem before, it's the first time that it's doing this to me.