Hey all,

I recently picked up a used RG921 Premium. It's in mint condition and came with the gig bag and all goodies.

The action seemed a little high for my taste so proceeded to do a setup. It has 10's on it and tuned to Eb.

First I checked the neck relief as per the tech section on Ibanez Rules. I set the relief at about .25mm at the 9th fret using a capo on the first fret, finger on 24th, and feeler gauges for measurement. The neck was probably more like .5 mm when I initially checked it.

Then I went for the action adjustment on the Tight End R. Even with the action screws loose so the saddles are flush with the bridge base, the action at the 16th fret is about 3 mm. I was hoping to get closer to 1.5 mm.

Am I doing something wrong or is this bridge unable to get that low? The specs in the book that came with it say something like 1.6mm to 2.2 for the 1st string, and that's not even possible as far as I can tell.

Any advice?

Shim the neck?
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Yeah, I recently had that done on an RGD. I was hoping a Premium Ibanez would be easier to set up and not require such an adjustment.