Is it a good idea to try to learn how to play drums with an electric set, like one that can hook up to a DAW and send midi information, or just has a bunch of different drum kit sounds inside it? It seems like it'd be hard to play w/ the right velocity using electronic drum sets with pads vs. real acoustic sets. I know there are actually some cheaper acoustic drum kits to start out than most of the electronic ones, but the idea of recording midi tracks w/ a drum set is pretty intriguing to me. I'm not sure which way to go. Learning to mic and mix an acoustic set would be good practice I guess, but a lot of my stuff is still done inside the box.
It's a lot better than not learning to play.

neighbours, late practice times and rehearsal rooms far away often mean you can't play acoustic drums when you want to. But an e-kit is ready to rock when you are, so you end up doing a lot of home practice, which is great. I spent two years on a td-12 before ever playing on an acoustic kit. It does take a bit of adjusting but its not like its two completly different instruments. The a-kit is harder to play, as the rebound is different, and cymbals wobble and move, but you can adapt with a few practice sessions. Best is if you can play on an a-kit on regular occasions, hnd practice on the e-kit in between. Setting the e-kit up all spread out like an a-kit can also help. For rock you'll be fine, for metal you'd need a good double kick and pad, but for jazzy stuff or anything with a lot of delicate snare work you'll have a hard time on an e-kit, the expensive ones are good but still nowhere near the expressiveness of a real snare.
In summary, you'll learn a lot of the important skills like timing and coordination on an ekit, and with a bit of time to adjust you'll handle an a-kit just fine.
I'd skip the daw and vst plugins and get a kit with decent onboard sounods, the daw stuff always has a latency to it. Fine for offline rendering of a midi part but crap to listen to while practicing and recording
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