Got my Mean 90s from GFS in the mail today, just spent the past hour swapping out the emgs in my EC-500 for them. They sound great so far, granted I've only put the low E string on to make sure they were working...and they are . Blasting some smoke on the water lol.

My only concern is some noise issues, and yes I know there are noise issues with single coils/90s. And to be honest it's been years since I've played anything that didn't have emgs or noiseless pickups in it, I've forgot what "suitable" noise sounds like.

I'm going to go back shortly and check for cold solder joints, but another thing I thought of...Do I need to ground the bridge? That's my self diagnosis as of now. And if it is the case, I'll tackle that tomorrow. And I will be going back and shielding the PU cavities. Don't really no why I didn't in the first place, but oh well.

Any ideas would be great.

I also used some copper tape for some of my ground points. There's not a lot of room in the cavity so I had to make do with the room I had so some things are grounded to the tape, others to a volume pot with a jumper to the tape. But everything does connect, I've checked it with a multimeter. Don't know if that could be my "noise" issue?

But here's some pics:

Ignore the tele switch, that's going into my tele build to replace the jap crap that came with the control plate.

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You do need to ground the bridge. Active pickups don't have the bridge grounded, passives do. So you gotta lift up the inserts and run a ground wire there.

You could also do a neater job with the current grounding. Adding more copper tape encourages noise, unless you shield the cavity fully. It should be fine so long as you are absolutely sure everything meets at one point and goes to ground eventually, but ideally you should have the grounding as simple and clean as possible. This is nowhere near as much of an issue as not grounding the bridge is, though.

It would be a good idea, if the noise bothers you, to fully shield the pickup and control cavities. You can't get rid of the 50/60-cycle hum with P-90s, but you can at least cut down on some of the background noise by shielding everything properly.

Otherwise, enjoy! I've liked the few GFS pickups I've had recently. Would love to hear how the P-90s sound in a warmer guitar, usually you only get to hear 'em in Strat copies.
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Yes, I went over it all with a multi meter and checked to make sure everything was connected which it is.

And I figured it would be the bridge XD. I never even really thought of it until I was done. My other newer EC models come with them already in there, even if there are actives in the guitar since they run JB/59 sets in a few of the color models. They predrill and put a cap on the hole where the wire is if it turns out to be a guitar with active pups.

Should be easy enough to do though and I think I'm going to drill it from the old battery cavity though, I can get a better angle to the bridge post from there and then just run a wire through.

I went ahead and shielded the pickup cavities last night as well. I'm going to wait to hear if enough of what I hear disappears from grounding the bridge before I lift the pots out.

Thanks for the input flibble!
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Well the bridge is grounded, I've shielded all the cavities, checked to make sure everything is connected via multimeter...Still have the popping issue, I've rewired everything once already and moved all the ground points to one pot as Flibble suggested...Still popping when I hit the strings or pots.

Anybody have any suggestions? I'm at a loss, I know singles are noisy, but this is a little much.

The wiring diagram I'm using isHere at guitarelectronics

Never mind, got it working fine!
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