So I'm pretty much set on getting a Ibanez RGA7. Was rippin it up today in the store. I definitely need to swap the pickups though. I was thinking EMG 707. I've been reading though about there being a real pain swapping pickups on this guitar.

I'm just wondering what problems I may run into.

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The main issue you would find by replacing the stock pickups with EMG's is the battery connection box, it's powered by AA as far as im aware, so you could retrofit a 9v battery to replace or put it in the control cavity.

Aside from that you might need to change the pots, but that's not my area of expertise. A half decent tech should be able to install them no problem. The EQ circuit would have to be changed a bit, as i think it's default function is to provide a midrange boost/cut, so you would have to enquire to see if that can be retrofitted also.

If you didn't want to go the EMG route, there are Duncan blackouts which will fit the soapbar routes, also BKP have started offering soapbar housings on their range. Lace are another brand that would fit perfectly with no "air gaps" around the pickups.
Lace is a good go to for not having to route and still maintaining clear tone. We like to put ourselves in the competition with any active pickups like EMG's, but our motto is "no f--king batteries." if you want a simple drop in a deathbucker or x-bar are great passive options. we recommend 250k pots as it'll give you more range with your settings on the guitar but i've played my rg1570L with 500k for metal stuff and it works just as well, but a little more "all or nothing" if you will. You'll be able to tell instantly tho that the cleans are very crisp and clear but not chime-y or overbearing, and full blast distortion wont get muddy. Good luck and rock on!