Hey guys!

It's been almost 10 years, but I finally decided to throw down the cash for an Ecstasy 101b w/EL34's. I am playing through a Peavey Vypyr (the 75 watt), so this is going to be a tremendous leap in tone.
Anyway, I am looking for a 1x12 or 2x12 cab. I love a warm, yet punchy tone, with clear mids & less treble. My PRS SE Singlecut plays surprisingly well (I got it for $330 on a scratch and ding special).

I am considering -Port City 1x12 or 2x12 cabs. I know they have a couple different types, but I am most interested in these.

What do you guys think of this combination. I don't need a lot of volume as it's just for me, for now. (if anything, studio recording) is 1x12 enough, or should I go with 2x12?

Also, what other cabs do you recommend?
Thanks ahead of time,

I've never played a Port City so my post is more of free bump.

I'd say for studio recordings a ported cab makes a lot of sense and they def have a great reputation. AcousticMirror owned/owns one but we don't see him around here much. I like the 212 option personally as it give you a bit more tonal options, especially if you mix up the speakers.

I've owned an Avatar 212 and now a Splawn 212 and I can highly recommend those. The latter is one of the best cabs out there for the money and should mate well with your Bogner. Mine has Small Blocks in it which are a G12M clone basically.
Port Cities are great, but I wouldn't be clamoring to use one with a 101B. I'd be more concerned about speaker type than the cab itself though. I've got a 100B, and it sounds best with V30s, which is what it was voiced with. I usually prefer Greenbacks/Creambacks, but the XTCs low mid content and subdued treble is better matched with the V30s, and you don't get that annoying upper mid honk people associate with V30s. Cabs sized around the same as an old Marshall are best as well, IMO. Ran it through a big Orange I have, and a Diezel that's got the same dimensions as the old Marshall cabs, and I definitely prefer it without the added low end of the Orange.

I also like it through my Splawn 212, which is loaded with Creambacks. The decreased low response compared to the Creamback loaded 412 helps though.
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