Have two questions here hopefully someone can help me with


I play in prog rock band that requires a more diverse style of tones. (I need to decent cleans AND heavy bright tones as well).

I have been thinking about replacing just my bridge pickup of my PRS with 57/08's with a bareknuckle blackhawk (Paul Waggoner uses these they are supposed to be pretty hot for a passive pickup). I want to keep the neck up a 57/08 since I just love how it responds to a clean tones.

Is there going to be any issue with outputs not matching etc? (when I switch to the 57/08 is my volume going to suddenly drop).

Also, I have a delay nad reverb pedal in the FX loop of my uberschall with the back FX loop send cranked to the max. However, at this setting my effects sound "washed". I have to dial the FX loop send to almost half to get rid of this. However when I do this, I feel like it destroys my Dirty Tone on the AMp.
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You won't have any issues if you adjust the pickup heights correctly. As for the loop, that's just the nature of Bogner's loops. TBH, they aren't very good.
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I don't think a lower output pickup will be that much quieter but it will be lower gain. I have my neck pickup adjusted pretty low because I like the lower gain neck pickup tone. My bridge pickup is much closer to the strings because that's the pickup I use for higher gain tones.

But yeah, you can adjust the height. If the output is too high, just lower the pickup a bit. And if it's too low, just raise it a bit. But as I said, I like having the outputs not balanced because the neck pickup sounds better that way.
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