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$103,248 / year

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Kinda depends on if I have a family and stuff to take care of. If it's just me I wouldn't really give a shit, honestly, as long as I can live independently and without going completely paycheck-to-paycheck.
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Enough to be able to save, or quit working and still live comfortably for a couple months.

I don't mean to say that as soon as I've saved enough I'll do that, but that's the amount I'd like to be payed. I'm too used to barely scraping by though
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I'm at around 40k now, same for my wife. We're both 29 If we can reach 100k a year for the two of us together in 10-15 years, I can't imagine ever needing anything more.
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I'm making about 38k right now and it's kinda lame, so maybe I'd settle at 140k.
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Anything, as long as I get paid in hot bitches
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enough to get by , so david cameron can shove his aspiration nation up his posh etonian arse.
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Quote by Avedas
I'm making about 38k right now and it's kinda lame, so maybe I'd settle at 140k.

That's an odd jump.

Initially, 40k+. Ideally that will rise annually.
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For phd i will earn 1700 net per month (20k) after that i will make 3-4k unless i will work for a company/private institution.
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Enough to have my whisky, food, books. And a nice house.

Which I all have, so I'm a happy man.
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i'd like to eventually make $60,000 a year. i'm 23 and making half that*. so maybe.

i don't really care honestly. i just want to live comfortably within my means. i can do that even now so it's not something that bothers me too much. but of course now i don't have kids or anything like that. that 60,000 is just adjusting for life changes i assume will eventually happen.

* excluding the money i make from music. not sizable, but gives me a modest bump.
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It's kind of a hard one to answer. With the way my expenses are right now, £40,000 a year would be more than enough to live comfortably on. But of course if I was making more money I'd no doubt be spending more so I'd want an even higher wage.
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Enough to buy a BMW, a 5-bed house and a J-Custom. Around $200K?
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Enough so that I won't end up homeless. Fuck that living comfortably shit, I just want to not end up living on the streets which I'm pretty positive will happen.
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Well... I'll be around £30-35k in debt after Uni.

So earning around £25k for a few years and then maybe up to say £30k. And maybe in later life a little more.
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Should be moving up to 44-47k in the next 4-6 months here, so provided I only work 4-5 days a week 55-65k is just fine for me!
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My pay goes up in increments per year from 45k starting to 78k max after 7 or 8 years.

One more year until I've finished my degree then I can finally put a house deposit down hopefully!
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I'm (probably) going into research so I'm unlikely to ever earn more than £25,000/year.
I'm fine with not having much money, though it does feel a little unfair that researchers in most fields earn so little.
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I used to get 85k a year for a pretty easy magazine design job, I quit...what a dumbass lol..and spent everything on nothing, but that was long ago and actually I'm way happier being self employed and earning half that and working a lot less, I have my own mag now I do only once a year instead of 12 times-

I'd rather have extra time than extra money really
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Hopefully going in to teaching so starting around 20k. Probably won't ever make much more than 30k in my lifetime
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Quote by GuitarGod_92
Enough so that I won't end up homeless. Fuck that living comfortably shit, I just want to not end up living on the streets which I'm pretty positive will happen.

ayy lmao
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60,000-100,000 dollars per year.
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I want a four or five bedroom two story house with a finished basement, on an acre of land.

I want three vehicles, a two car garage, and a nice shed or barn. Nope an old barn fixed up.

I want a pool table.

I want two weeks vacation a year paid for, somewhere out of state.

A snowmobile would be nice.

I want to provide for a family of three maybe four.

Whatever it takes to get that.
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I'll be making at least $60K right out of college, provided I end up finishing my Engineering degree. From there, I just want to save up enough to pursue music full-time without being entirely broke.
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I'm going to be making $17k through a TA position, which is about three times what I'm making now. I'm gonna be rich!
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$240k usd/year. I've heard that after that point, there is no additional satisfaction when it comes to pay.
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80,000 - 90,000. Marry someone with a similar job and that's a pretty good financial situation. Enough to sort of maintain the circumstances I grew up in, which is my ideal really. I don't see a meaningful improvement upon aiming for more and I do see an impact in regards to life outside of career (in the sense that you don't get too much of one). Less would be unpleasant,
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If I'm not the richest person in the world in one year I'm gonna be pissed. So like $80,000,000,000 a year at least
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I feel semi guilty.
No I don't.

My wife and I currently make over 6 figures combined. We live on about 40K of that per year.
Rest get's put into retirement funds.
7 more years.
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Quote by Jackal58
I feel semi guilty.
No I don't.

My wife and I currently make over 6 figures combined. We live on about 40K of that per year.
Rest get's put into retirement funds.
7 more years.

Have fun having lots of money when you're to frail and weak to enjoy doing anything fun with it.

Edit: Also aren't you like 15? Edit: Guess not. I was always under the impression you were.
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