So I finally bought my tascam US2000 and wow! I really love it! It sounds great and it's super easy and intuitive to use. I was sure it would be super complicated to set up multitracking in cubase but it took me all of 5 minutes, no problem with drivers etc.

It's currently set up on my main PC and I won't be moving it a whole lot. So since we also use this computer for movies, music and such, having to always turn it on and off would be a bit of a bother. Not so much, but still a little.

I noticed it gets warmer than my audiogram or EIE used to so I'm wondering if we shouldn't just accept the responsibility and just always shut it off.

What are your thoughts?

(I'll write a full review of it next week after I've gotten a chance to record with the band)
If it gets warm you should just turn it off. Not a big deal but it will extend the life of the unit as heat is the death of electronics.

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Well, provided that you lift it up a bit (I would get some of that wire cube shelving like this. Take a single cube and put the interface on top. This means the underside is less likely to get super-hot. It may still get warm, but it should be fine.