Hi, i have a marshall 1959slp reissue, which does not offer as much gain as i sometimes require. I have 200USD and i am looking for a good gain booster to work with this amp to get sound like gnr, randy rhoads and dream theater.
Pardon my english.

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You can never go wrong with a Way Huge Green Rhino.
DT sound might be a bit tricky to pull off either way though with that amp, but the Green Rhino could sure help.
The mid curve and the 100hz cut/boost is incredibly helpful as well if you want to sculpt your sound before it hits the amp.
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I recommend a zvex sho! It's one of the best and loudest boost pedals, and also really transparent.
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gain booster is a very very general description. an overdrive? distortion, clean boost?

it depends how you run your amp. if you mean a boost or clean boost, are you boosting a distorted or crunch channel?
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