Just after some advice on the SansAmp Bass DI which I've just bought...

I'm after a sound like Lacuna Coils bass which is exampled in this track:
Lacuna Coil Closer Bass

As I've only just got the SansAmp I can't quite figure it out so does anyone know of approximate settings for that sort of sound from the SansAmp?

My bass is an ibanez SR505 and I'm playing through an Ashdown ABM 500 head with the 410 AMB speaks.

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doesn't the manual have a few sample settings for you to try out? i really like the bassman and svt style settings that are giving, but i'll often slightly up the drive and presence. i'll get playing with mine and see what i can get

as close as i could get though my POS amp was using these settings
i also use the bridge pickup on my rbx 375 and a pick
you will need i think phaser for the beginning effect though

EDIT: my level is low because anything above the quietest thing humans can hear, is horrible and distorted beyond usefulness on my amp
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I would start with the Bassman preset (Blend at max, dial back Bass a bit, dial up the Treble, put Drive low to middle) and crank the Presence. The Presence knob is sort of a "Brightness" control, and that YT clip sounds plenty bright. With the Sansamp and a phaser pedal you should be able to nail that sound.
Keep the blend in the middle. Brightness from basses are heavily dependent on strings, so if you aren't getting the tone you need, try changing strings.
You should be able to get into that neighborhood. I used a Sansamp/Ashdown MAG back in the day and it really helped me get better metal tones that that wooly-ass amp was incapable of.

The default setting I use these days before I fine tune for the situation is more a less- Everything at 1:00 with Drive around 10:00, dial in lots of mids and low mids on the amp.

The biggest part of that Lacuna's tone is simply playing with a pick.