Hello fellow members! I'm opening up a thread free for discussion about our progressive rock/metal band 'The Storyline'.

We've been a six-headed group since early 2012 when we welcomed an American/Mexican vocalist to the family. Before that we played mostly instrumental stuff for our own pleasure. Now we're focusing on writing more material and gigging every now and then.

Here's a video of our latest creations, bits from three different songs:

And here's an instrumental written back in 2010:

Let us know what you think and if you happen to like what you hear, you can find us on Facebook

Rock on!
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Hi guys!

It's been a while since I last posted here. We had a busy summer but were able to record some more material. We're super excited about this one because it's the first we've done with vocals. This one was written in Aug. 2012 and we even shot a video for it not too long ago. Hopefully you'll like it!


If you have any questions regarding the gear used or something else, feel free ask! I'm happy to answer. Keep on rockin'!
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Hola dudes and dudettes!

Here's our second song we recorded during last summer. It's more on the rock side of things but with a hint of metal and even pop to some extent. Hopefully some of you find it pleasing, we even shot a video you could watch while listening to it!

Thanks ambler, glad to hear you enjoeyd it! It's a big learning process for us micing drums and guitar cabs first time but we're improving on every step! So stay tuned, the tones are getting better...
Hello folks,

It's been over a month since our last song was ready to be served but the wait is over. Here's a new one for you metal lovers. Remember to watch it in 1080p to get the most out of it!


What do you think? Your feedback is well appreciated so don't hesitate to comment.
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Great songs. You can definitely hear your influences in the music. My only criticism would be that the production seems a bit tinny. Overall good songwriting and excellent musicianship.
Thanks for the comment, leo4sf.

We're improving in production as we go and learning how to use the potential of our budget home recording gear to the max! But agreed, still some things we can do better. Keep on rocking!