Hi everyone!

I have kind of a one man band project, but I'm overwhelmed and stuck right now. I have written songs mostly, I demoed some of them, but I don't know where to go. In the end I want them to be properly published but as I said I am overwhelmed with songs. So maybe if someone interested in my songs, we could work on them together online. Then we could publish them in proper, "album" way.

My influences are Dissection, In Flames, Agalloch and a lot of other similar bands.

I don't think it is exactly "progressive" but we can say that progressive melodic death metal, because there are a lot of different sections and songs are mostly over 10 min.

If anyone interested I can pm the soundcloud link.
I'd be down, I need another project to occupy myself with. I could also link you to my soundcloud so that you can hear what my writing/producing capabilities are.

Been playing guitar for 6 years, vocals for about 4. Pm me and we'll go from there.
I could do bass, playing for 8 years or so, fingers or pick (usually use three fingers though). PM me if you're interested.
I'd be interested in doing vocals. You can check out some of my work at http://soundcloud.com/coreyculler.

I can growl and sing like Christian Alvestam, and I can also growl like old Anders Friden (The Jester Race).
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