Hey guys!
So i just want to tell you about my band and what we've been up to lately.
I play in a band called System Annihilated, we're five 17 and 18-year-olds from Sweden and we play some sort of lead-heavy groovy metal with influences like Meshuggah and Lamb of God. We released our debut album in March and has since then been on a tour in Finland with Zonaria (Melodic Death metal from UMEA aswell) and Inevitable End. This summer we're doing "Metaltown" in Gothenburg and "Sweden Rock Festival" in Sölvesborg.

Anyway, what I was hoping is if you could maybe give our songs a listen from our first album "Furor", it really means alot to me. Just click in to our facebook page and find the spotify link there, or just search "System Annihilated Furor" in the search field of spotify:

www . facebook . com / SystemAnnihilated

And if you like it, please give us a like!

Thank you very much!

/Petter Adsten, Guitarist, System Annihilated
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