Is there any software that i can use to put chords in top of lyrics.

In word it's a pain in the ass really :/


Am C Dm
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The problem with working in word is you really have to pay attention to all the details of the "chording" rather than just how it looks in Word. The easiest way to do it is to use Courier New font, use the space bar and never the TAB button for placement of the chord names above the lyrics, and make sure to hit enter then backspace at the end of every line. This way whatever shows up in Word should translate across to ultimate-guitar's submission box when you copy and paste it. I don't know why the enter/backspace thing works, but when I don't do it, even if word shows a line break, or it shows the next line as being below the preceding line, it doesn't translate across to the submission box.

Also, always preview the post, sometimes punctuation doesn't translate for some reason from Word, even with Courier New, in which case I typically just change the font of the punctuation to any other font really.

Hopefully that helps.

You know what, that's a lot of work and troubleshooting when using word. Just use notepad as the guy above said. This is a guide should you wish to use Word though.