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Anyone out there who has "actually" listened to him play more than the radio bullshit, that still thinks he's not one of the best feel players of our generation (under 35ish)?
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I don't care for John Mayer.

John Mayer Trio, though, is awesome.
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He is an exceptionally well guitarist. A decent singer, and a complete idiot press-wise. His song structure works, his song-writing is repetitive, but his musicality is "diverse". I personally like his Born And Raised album. His Trio is quite good as well.
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He is a fantastic guitarist, and one doesn't have to listen for very long to hear that he has a very unique voice. I also think he is a decent songwriter, especially a song like Born and Raised on his newest record of the same name, is brilliant. Or Stop This Train. Everyone ought to have his Where the Light Is! It's really a great live dvd.

All in all, he is great, especially after he turned further away from the pop stuff he started out with. Born And Raised is brilliant!
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We have a John Mayer thread. Great musician, improving celebrity.

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