watch, like it, share, comment, enjoy !

what i have to do to paste whole www withou "forbidden link" effect?
I believe links are forbidden unless you have posted a certain amount on the forums. You registered a couple months ago so you obviously haven't posted enough.

As for the video, I'm watching it now and the tone in the intro is really sexy. I know it's nothing like the tone in the song but i really dig it.
Your playing is really really good. Excellent relaxed picking technique.
Your tone is the most outstanding thing in my opinion. It's so ****ing nice. What kind of setup do you have?
And now that I've finished watching it i have to say this is hands down one of the best Buried Alive covers on Youtube
I actually can't fault a single thing. If i was to give any sort of criticism it would be that your vibrato was a bit lackluster compared to everything else, but i can barely criticize on that anyways. Outstanding cover.


thank you guys! Vayne92, your opinion is just amazing! Thank you for all good words. And the criticism is very very needed for me. I know my vibrato is little ****ed up but im learning it all the time
Hey metal Mike don't forget to return the favor and C4C. I embedded your last video when you couldn't figure it out for your am i will cover and critique yet you didn't return the favor, I see you haven't C4C'd vayne92's vid either.

On that note you did a good job on this cover. If you're up for it let me know and I'll post a link to one of my videos for you to critique.
my God, for all the time i thought C4C is nick of some user okay, now i know what I have to do i need only tro get back to home and then i will post sopme comments surely thank you and sorry for problem