So i thought I'd heard every Parkway song in existence, then i saw them play this live on Youtube and thought what the **** is this song and how haven't i heard it. Turns out somehow it was the only song i didn't have on Itunes.

This song is ****ing amazing and i immediately got around to listening to it nonstop, learnt it in an hour or two and got straight around to covering it! Most the song i did by ear so I'm sure it wont be all correct.

It's a pretty sloppy cover so don't go too harsh on my ****-ups as i know it definitely could be improved but it's just such a good song and i wanted to get it up asap because no-one really had a good cover of it up unfortunately.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, so let me know what you think!


Oh and I'm probably going to uploading an acoustic cover of Dragon Roost Island from 'Zelda - Windwaker' in the next couple weeks. I would've had it up sooner but this song distracted me
So... song is played in 100% clear. No mistakes, everything sounds good. I would like to see some action in harder stuff, this one is pretty simple so I would like to comment more constructive about some harder stuff