Ive just started learning guitar, and my teacher recommends beginning on grade 2. However, are grades worth doing? Do they help or hinder? I don't plan on doing any music degree however one day i'd like to start a band...thanks
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Well they don't hinder.

If you want to study music after school you should do them. In Australia you need to be up to a certain grade to get into the Army as a musician which is a pretty sweet gig.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
yeah it won't hurt anything. don't obsess over them or think they're a be all-end all solution to your musical curriculum, but for early education (almost) any resource helps.
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They are a good structured way to learn to play an instrument and the music theory behind it in a wide variety of styles. It gives you the basic "by the book" knowledge and skill of a well rounded musician.

It's almost essencial if you're wanting to study music, for joining a band in 95% of cases it isn't needed at all.
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It'll absolutely help you. Nothing to lose from it, but you'll most likely be studying classical guitar.
If you don't fancy doing classical guitar, you could always try Rockschool grades. The 2013 syllabus is actually pretty good. A few of my students are doing them this year.
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Guitar grades are great if you want a structured approach to learning. About a quarter of my students work through the RGT grade system, the rest don't. If you start doing the grades and really don't like them, just tell your teacher and you can stop working on them.
If you won't do them for anything else, you'd probably be interested to know that in the UK, a distinction at Grade 8 is basically worth an AS level on your UCAS application. Extra qualification!
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