i'm thinking of building a rotary speaker cabinet (a la Leslie) for my guitar. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts they can share on the matter?
Unless you are good at mechanical engineering I would suggest that you might be better off faking it with a stereo effect, or building a 4 way VCA controlled by a 2 phase LFO to drive four amps and 4 speakers pointing 4 ways from a cubic speaker cab.

Alternatively you might find an old record turntable and be able to adapt that to drive the baffle. One with 16, 33, 45 and 78 should give a good variation in effects.
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try finding shitty old electric organs that have leslies built into them. My dad and I found an old Conn organ that we gutted. You can get the foam baffle, the motor, an 8" speaker and other mechanical things for free generally. A lot of times people just give the organs away.

I saw someone on youtube use old drum shells to house all the leslie parts, too. I was thinking of doing that and mounting the parts I have now with a 10" Jensen or something.
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I use an old organ amp with leslie for guitar playing and practice at home. I don't really use the rotary speaker very much, but the amp just sound so good...

If the rotary speaker is spinning fast, it sounds a bit like flanger, and on the slow option, it doesn't really effect the sound much.
I say try it out if you can, so you won't waste money and time on something that you won't use...