I just recently purchased an Ibanez rgir20e which has an edge zero 2 trem. I would have really just preferred this guitar as a fixed bridge model, however my retailer did not have that type in stock and would not be able to get them for quite a long time. I really prefer a fixed bridge for the type of playing I do (lots of tuning changes) but I am aware that with a temolo style bridge making quick tuning changes as you would with a fixed bridge is not so easily done. I really liked the guitar and explained to the saleswoman how the trem system just doesn't suit what I need a guitar for. She gave me the option of blocking the trem, essentially converting it into a hard tail giving me all the same benefits that i prefer in a fixed bridge. Has anyone had this done? Does it really give you much of the same qualities as a fixed bridge would, such as trouble free tuning and maintenance??

Really would appreciate some extra insight on this
I once blocked off the tremolo on an NJ Series BC Rich Warlock, used a block of pine wood forced into the gaps either side of the tremolo locking it into place, though it worked the tuning stability was not 100% as good as I'd hoped, with temperature/humidity changes it would affect the tuning, still for the most part it worked as a fixed bridge guitar, pretty decent.

Second I blocked off the tremolo of my Strat by taking 2 stacks of UK 2pence coins and taping them up with gaffa tape, then forced that into the back cavity of the guitar (fits just perfect, not too tight but it won't fall out of its own accord or cause strange vibration issues), this method worked really well. The guitar is my main guitar and is very stable tuning wise, the coins also affect (improve imo) the sound of the guitar, though it is subtle.

A better (but more pricey) option is to purchase a Tremol-no, I have one on my Ibanez Jem. This allows you to set your bridge in 3 positions.

1. Completely fixed, will change the sound on the guitar since there is now a more solid connection of the vibrations through the bridge into the body, it's subtle though. Your guitar will behave like a fixed bridge guitar.

2. Dive bomb only, similar to the EVH style you can set it that it will only be usable for lowering the pitch, this is handy if you snap a string as you will still stay in tune.

3. Full motion, normal operation as if it was not installed.
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Thanks a lot for your input. I have not had the chance to try the guitar for myself yet with the newly blocked bridge. I purchased it from Long and Mcquade and the technician there is blocking it for me, so I'm eager to test the results once it is ready. I'm glad to hear you have had some good success with your own guitars using this method. I also didn't know about the Tremol-no you are talking about, I will have to look into that a little bit perhaps.