Hello! I have a problem on my guitar. The sound has a strange noise or a disturbance. I recorded myself (listen link). Potentiometer tone is on minimum so we can hear the noise better. The same happens on all pickups and it is verry disturbing. please help

If you're referring to the crackling noise throughout try different cables/amp. If you're sure it's the guitar, spin the potentiometers. If you get the crackling sound from doing that then you need to get some contact cleaner to them. Or it may be the wiring, rather than the potentiometers.
Are you sure it's not the amp? If not then check the cable. Also open the guitar wiring cavity and check for loose wiring especially around the jack. Maybe the ground wire is loose.

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I checked. the problem is not the cable, not the amp and its not crackling while i turn the potentiometers. so i guess i could be the wireing inside the guitar. is it possible to be a bad soldering? the contact is on all wires. but how to find the bad one?

here is another sound on clean channel. maybe that helps more (listen to link).