I recently received an Agile LP (3110). Unfortunately I had to return it because it arrived with some cosmetic damage and Rondo was really cool about it. Since the Agile experience was fresh in my mind and GC was close to UPS, I took a quick trip over there.

Honestly, none of the $600-1,000 guitars I tried including some Gibson Les Pauls had anything on the Agile. Acoustically they generally blew (one of my tests for instruments is simply if it sounds good or not when it's not plugged in, or with your ear pressed to it). The Gibson fretboards were crap... on one $800 model it just said "select hardwood" and looked like a piece of low grade rosewood or something and overall the instrument had a cheap lightweight kind of feel.

Anyway... that's my rant. I think Rondo has amazing value.
Wait, but you didn't say anything about how the Agile played (aside from being better than the Gibsons you played)? You're happy with how they handled the exchange, but that doesn't have anything to do with their value as far as instruments go.

Sorry, you're just not making those connections in your post, and I would think that having to send an instrument back would leave a sour taste in my mouth, even for cosmetic issues.
Agiles are fine instruments, no doubt, but I'm not willing to suspend my disbelief to say that they stand up overall to Gibson LP's - especially when you get past Studio models.

This thread will probably get closed anyway, these types usually do.
> Agile is best company ever
> Bashing Gibson needlessly

Pointless thread is pointless.

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