Perhaps a very small and pointless thread, but one I could benefit greatly from.

I haven't been in touch with the guitar market for the past few years but that doesn't mean I've stopped playing, only that I have not felt the need to replace my axe.

Anyways, I want to sell my Strat in order to buy a Fender Jaguar and want some advice on which price to sell it at.

It's a MIM, a HSS Fender Standard Strat from 2006. The guitar's equipped with black knobs and pup-covers and I've also drilled and wired a killswitch into the pickguard. I have replaced the bridge pickup with a DiMarzio Super Distortion. I plan to include all the original parts when I sell the instrument. I also plan to include a black pickguard separately. The guitar has got one small ding on the bottom, but also has locking tuners. It comes with the original gig bag.

I don't plan to sell it here on the forum, but at what price would you value it? It is in good shape and plays beautifully. I'm just a lot more interested in Jaguars nowadays...

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Perhaps post a pic? Honestly, upgrades don't do much in terms of adding value. A standard MIM Strat goes for around $260, so you might look at $300 as a starting point.
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Restore it to stock condition - mods don't sell or add value. They detract value, and keep people away from your guitar.

Sell the stock guitar for $250. Sell the pickup for $40. None of the other stuff is really worth anything, unfortunately.
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Thanks for the input.

Thing is, I've already drilled the killswitch into the pickguard and tbh I'm not sure I could de-attatch the pickup even if I wanted to, I lack the soldering tools and decent knowledge of how to use them correctly. That's why I'm thinkin of just including all the stock parts along with the modded instrument, altough I see how it could be a turn-off.

Then again, I don't live in the US or UK, so the market might be a bit different here. I think I got the guitar for 399 USD stock in early 2007.

I'll post a pic tomorrow if there is any point.
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No point. Just list it for $250 and see what you get.
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don't sell on ebay boi
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dont wanna lowball anything here man . i had a american stratocaster hss standard ... upgrade to u.s deluxe lokcing tuners ans seumour duncan sh-6 disrotion .... best price i had for it was 700 $ ... i took out the duncan at that price .

- upgrade arent worth s*** from the buyer point of view . you could try to convince the buyer that your dimarzio superdistortion is way better than the original humbucker ... sorry but you wont get 50 $ more for your guitar . same with nut , bridge , tuners .. any upgrade doesnt make a use guitar worth more . thats true almost 99 % of the time . your better off taking out the dimarzio and sell it by itself . kijiji , craiglist are load with seller who try to convince that the 350 $ upgrade they put on their guitar justifie the price they want . 90 % of the time , the guitar stay listed for months until the seller drop the price .

- a mim fender will sell for around 250-300 $ .. im in canada and they are 325-350 $ mint . the HSS will even turn down potential buyer who will want a strat for thesingle coil sound , so you might even get less for it . ( personal opinion .. 275 $ for a mim strat get you a damn nice guitar that can turn good with a few upgrade . ) .

good luck .

on the bright side .... you might get a 14 yo wanna be punk rocker who want a humbucker equip strat to play blink 182 , green day and will be interested in learning guitar and daddy gonna buy him your guitar cause its affordable . selling a 2000 $ gibson is another thing . 275 $ is a realistic price for your strat . take out the dimarzio .
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