I really don't know what to call this in terms of a genre; if anyone does, I'd love to know. I'm somewhat proud of the fact that this is the first thing I've written in a long time that's under five minutes. Most of my tracks lately have been excessively long, and I'm glad to have written something less repetitive. I just did all of this tonight, so there are likely to be errors that would later be caught once I listen with a different perspective, but I'd like to hear your opinions on how to correct them as well as my own. Thanks in advance for listening.

Intro piano kind of reminded me of Kanye West's song Runaway for some reason, dunno why. I like the like air-y type sound that comes in a little bit after. The bass-y part at 1:32 was nice, but I think the melody could use some work or maybe just switch it to a higher timbre instrument. The part at 2:14 kind of shook me up, didn't see it coming. I really like it though, especially the distorted instrument that keeps doing what sounds like a bend. Fades out of that section well, but I think you should have changed the piano lead part here (the part that was also played in the intro) to something a little more melancholy to match the tone of the song.

Song was pretty nice though, I enjoyed it. One thing I'd like to mention though is maybe look for some more VSTs or something because some of the instruments just sound too midi and I think if that was fixed it would add a lot to the songs. Nice stuff nonetheless
for a guy like me who listens to ambient music alot I've got to say this is right up that alley as far as genre Im thinking Instrumental Electronica/Post Rock. which is a genre I listen to alot uhm I like this idea , felt like it needed something over it in the beginning

at 0:51 and 1:30 a very mellow vibe here maybe some kind of harmony or some kind of theme would really compliment this sectioin alot because you already have the background set this track reminds me of linkin park abit overall I heard your "cause n effect" track aswell I think u fit right in with post rock stuff man = ) solid track thanks for posting
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