Well, I didn't know whether to put this thread up on Accessories forum or here
most of that forum seemed to be about pedals and amps, so I decided to ask here.

Sorry if I'm wrong.

I want to ask how really protective these cases are.
I have two strats that I want to send overseas, and I'm thinking about using their double case.
This would save so much time and money than buying two cases and shipping them individually.

I've seen from their website that people had no problem shipping their guitars or checking em in at airports in their mono cases... but I don't fully trust 100% positive comments on a product website.

I plant to put the two strats in the case, put it in a guitar shipping box, and fill the rest of the space with cushioning materials for shipping.

I've asked their support team, but to no avail.

Now, granted, I don't think a lot of people can answer my question directly from experience (i.e. I don't think anyone has done the same thing)
but if you have used/are using one, what's your judgment? do you think they are tough enough to handle the job??

thanks in advance!
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From what I have gathered they are over-priced Gig bags. I would not ship/fly with them at all.
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