Hi, Im hoping for some help, I want to replace the pickups on my B.C. Rich jrv7. I want passives, not actives and i want a pretty high output and it needs to be good for fast sweeping but it also mustn't be too muddy with low notes like the low B/A. Preferably something available in the U.S.A, nothing that would have to be brought in from Europe or something. I'm looking at DiMarzio Activators but I want opinions from people who have played them. Any suggestions?
There's plenty of demos and comparisons between pickups from Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio. Listening to them is really the only best way to find out what you want other than trying out every pickup in a like for like situation yourself.
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Keiths comparison of SD 7 string pickups. Pick a one that morphs the sound in direction you like. I think these are all moderate to high output.


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Anybody know where i can buy the 7 string sh-8 invader bridge and neck pickup? I have found the bridge pickups in loads of places but cant find the neck one anywhere...