Hey folks,

I'm considering purchasing a Firewire audio recording interface so that I can not only connect 2 Audix i5 mics for stereo recording my 1978 Marshall JMP 2203, but also plug in my guitar for amp modeling software whenever I return to my apartment.

Any of you had experience with the gear below? I think the only difference I see between a Saffire Pro 14 and 24 are the 2 extra Line Out jacks + on/off switch. I don't see a difference between the 24 & 24 DSP besides a $100 difference.

The Echo AudioFire4 seems like a $50 more expensive version of the Saffire Pro 14.

Feel free to recommend others. I'll also ask the guys at Guitar Center later today.

the saffire pro 24 has an optical input, which would allow you to add 8 more input channels via an external unit. the DSP version has some on board processing capability.