Hey guys, I have been playing guitar since I was about 8 years old (I am 26 now). I have been writing music for a while and my band is finally trying to get serious with playing steady gigs. Our music is very 90's rock based and finds its roots in grunge and alt rock bands like STP, Toadies, Alice in Chains etc... We play LOUD, not by choice but our drummer has real heavy hands and a very loud set.

Anyway, all my equipment has been the cheapest used crap I could buy aside from my fender fat strat. Currently, I use a Peavey valveking half stack because I really prefer the tube sound. Recently the volume boost stopped working on it and I am starting to a lot of humming through the speakers. I think my ears are maturing as I am starting to notice how tinny/cheesy the amp sounds compared to other bands I watch out there using top line marshalls and what not.

My big question is, I have heard of people upgrading these Peaveys with better speaker cabinets and upgraded tubes and such. I really don't have a lot of time to be working/learning how to work on amps so I'd have to pay someone to do it. I am wondering if cost wise it would be worth upgrading this amp or if I should just put the money into something better? I'm not sure how much 'better' these amps get with upgraded tubes/speakers or how much that would cost.

How much should I be looking to spend to either take this amp to the next level or buy an amp that already is a step above? Which would probably get me to a better end result?

At this point in the game I am not looking to cheap out. I want to get something that gets me real good sound even if I have to save for a while. But if upgrading the peavey may sound better and end up being cheaper I am all for it.
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Look for a used:
Marshall JCM900 SL-X
Marshall JCM2000 DSL50/100
Soldano SL60
Soldano Hotrod Avenger

All of these heads are <$1000 used

If you want new, look at the Jet City JCA50/100/100HDM These are budget versions of the Soldano HRA amps
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Honestly if replacing tubes and speakers are a big trouble then you could look at some of robb's recommendations.
To be honest though, unless you have to bias the amp, tube changes are simple. Changing speakers is a fairly easy task providing that you can solder. All in all you could save yourself some money and do the work.
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+1 to the JCA50H or 100H

I use the 50H through either my mesa 212 thats has a v30/c-rex combo, or my randall 212+115 cab that has legends. It works perfect in my 3 piece pop/punk/rock band.

The amps sounds fantastic through both cabs. I doesnt have the best cleans, but the arnt horrible. I would say it's cleans are equilvient to a marshall. It breaks up easily.

The drive channel is where its at. It nails the Soldano tone to a t.

If your interested in what the amp sounds like dialed back on the gain, take a look at my bands page (sig) and listen to the song two sides. I used my JCA for that.
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