Usernames sucks,
Song title is not exactly attractive, though this is punk. Vocal quality is appropriate for punk. Guitar work is well done. I wish the lyrics were more uplifting, though punk music is not typically known for uplifting lyrics (yes, I like some punk music). If there is electric bass in this song, I can't hear it very well (this is my biggest complaint audio-wise). I think this is better than average for fairly hard punk music. Please review my music at this link:

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Song sounds more hard-rock than punk to me. The riff you do start at :35 is pretty nice. The vocals aren't really my thing here. While you do have some different riffs and stuff throughout, the song kind of just feels like one big section. I'd work on making more defined/definite sections. Vocal tone seems to be all over the place and not really sure it fits here either.
I get you. Im not really a singer, and have not really sung outside of this band (this is our 4th song, we have been playing for 4 months). But if you listen to our first song called "Gods From The Sky", you hear that those vocals are so bad that its not even funny. But the main problem is that i have a bass range (c2-e4), so this song is on the top of my range. Thanks for feedback btw.