I was on eBay and looking for decent 7-stringers. I was mainly looking for a low-cost but quality 7 string I could use for 6 until I get to the point I want/need the extra B. I already have an RG120 so I figured getting a 7-string version would be a good choice for me. I was originally looking at an RG7321 but I got outbid on that one beyond what I felt comfortable paying for a 7 string. Since I lost out of the 7321, I found a used AX7221. I was able to get for US$175 shipped, which was $50 cheaper than the seller wanted for it at first. I'm not sure if it has any after market pickups in it or anything. It seems it's not that easy to find that much information on this guitar since it doesn't seem to be that popular.

I'm just wondering if anybody here has any real experience with AX models (especially any AX7xxx) and I was kind of wondering if I even got that good of deal.
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I had a 7221 for a while. Regret getting rid of it, the thing was great, all they need is a pickup swap and your set but the stock pickups are not bad at all, the necks are a little wider than most other 7's though but that didnt seem to affect me much. The neck still felt more comfortable than most other 7 strings despite my smaller hands. All in all I say go for it, ignore everyone who says to avoid the 24.75 scale cause I used mine with 9-58 strings and I played almost exclusively in drop A and kept my action at 1.85mm on the low B string and never had fretbuzz and all ways got a tight low end.

Also not that tonewood makes a huge difference on electric but the AX7221 has a mahogany body where as that RG has basswood. Just food for thought.
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Thank you very much for your response. I'm not sure how tone will affect me because I very often use a lot of effects and amp modelling (Zoom G3 multi-effects processor). Also, in my RG, I upgraded the stock bridge pickup (INF 4) to a DiMarzio Super Distortion so I understand what the stock pickups are like on Ibanez guitars. But the DP100 really broadened up my tone. Especially with really low-tuned distortion.

Like I said, I'm not sure what kind of pickups are possibly in there if they're not stock. If they're stock, I'm thinking of putting in a DiMarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge at least but I'm still really undecided. I really need to find something that gives me more variety in my sound.

I've decided I'm using this guitar for more standard (or rather, common) tunings with just a 6 string setup for now; stuff like Drop D or Drop C. I just picked up some 9-42 gauge strings for this so I need to find out how well a setup like this can handle dropped tunings.

*In my previous post I forgot to ask about one thing I did find that was mentioned in some of my searching was neck-dive/weight distribution. Any insight into that?

I forgot to add this if it wasn't somewhat implied already, but the style I'm playing in is mostly metal. Basically thrash, industrial, and metalcore-based.
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If you're in the US, look at one of the new Douglas Grendels. They look really nice for that price tag. Notably in the neck heel department.


There's other colors and scale lengths too.
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I actually already bought the AX7221. But regardless of that, I can say that after looking at the Grendel I probably wouldn't look twice at it because I am no fan of reverse headstocks. I know the AX7 has a split headstock but that's better than all in reverse. They might be really good 7-stringers for their price range and everything though, I guess. Mainly I bought this AX7 because it was one of the cheapest Ibanez 7-stringers I could find. When I can afford it, I'd like to get something more like a 7 string RG model.

I was mainly just looking for other players' experience and opinions on the AX7.
If the neck dive becomes and issue for you *didnt really for me* then just move the strap button to one of the neck bolts and that should fix the neck dive.
I actually found your old post here (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1548742) and that actually makes me feel quite a bit better about having bought this. I'm hoping to get quite a bit out of this guitar for its money. It's probably going to take some swapping PUs like you said but I'm not concerned with that as that was somewhat to be expected (being an Ibanez and all).

Thank you again for you input. I know it may be a small circle we reside in but at least I know others have bought and liked this guitar. I'm not sure if you're a fan of them, but I found out that it was the guitar Jason Daunt of Flaw used (you can plainly see it in the video for 'Whole').