Hey everyone I recently changed my high e string ( because it snapped ), and now I've been able to restring it and tune it but then I've noticed that over the last two days it kept detuning and later on when I picked my guitar up again the string was out of the tuning peg. Now every time I wound it the string kind of "skips" and won't allow me to tune it? I have a Stratocaster! thanks
you didnt let enough winds on the peg and you didnt tie it to the tuning macine

ive had this happen to me
if youre one of those that doest tie the string to the peg(you totally should btw)
just dont cut the string until after its been tuned and settled especially the unwound strings becasue they're prone to slipping
theres a guide how to do it here somewhere on the site let me find it

it was stickied

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only way to do it IMO.
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Unless you have vintage-style Fender tuners, where the string drops into the peg.
What I do is tie it as shown but to put the proper amount of winds do this

1 thread string into post
2 put left hand standing up on 12th fret
3 pull string to just below joint of thumb
Tie accordingly and tighten string

This should put about 4 loops around post
thank you everyone I've manage to tune it, next time I'll leave some extra string or something!