The intro's okay, though a little dull. In the section starting at 0:39, you really need to have something more interesting.... a better drum track and a more complex bass line would go a long way.. as is, it's just kind of boring. The section after is decent; it's pretty ambient, and is interesting to listen to. At 1:41, you have the same problem; I was really hoping the lead would keep going and add a layer over it to make it better this time; maybe you should consider adding a lead over it. At 2:29, I'm starting to think this should be a much shorter track if you're already reusing ideas this much. The section starting at 2:54 is better this time with the addition of a lead part, though the drums and bass could still use a lot of improvement. I actually really liked the outro until it went back to the same clean part you've been using for half the sections of the song.

Overall, there's some cool ideas, but you need to focus on more than just the leads; make your rhythm section and structuring more interesting, and this track could be much, much better.

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Thats pretty impressive and itd b perfect with vocals in it. If you can find a singer or sing yourself throw that track into the mix and see how you like it. I don't think it sounds boring, but imo i think some percussive 'chucka chucka' sounds would sound great for the rythmn. Also your solo lines are pretty great.

c4c kind sir?
I agree with herby190. I didn't really like the drums and the song could have progressed somewhere. The ideas you have are cool though. And I like your clean guitar sound.
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