musicman petrucci BFR
hello everyone
someone know the difference between a bfr musicman to a to bfr musicman ? when i say now bfr i stil mean to the high cost guitars with ebony same neck but not with the BFR logo on 12 fret

hope you could help me =]
I don't really understand what you're asking. But are you asking for a BFR guitar without the model/logo on the 12th fret? They don't sell that as far as I know, sorry.
Ebony is found on the JPX? Which a ball family family reserve model as standard. Just advertising gimmick in my opinion.

The other BFRs with the BFR inlay are limited runs of existing models. Usually with a variation of the woods used for the body such as the Koa topped JP6s or the models with a solid Rosewood neck.

Hope that helps.

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IIRC, the John Petrucci models with ebony fretboards are the JPX and the JPXI. The Koa version of the Ball Family Reserve original style Petrucci model also had an ebony fretboard, but that one may have been discontinued.

"BFR" was merely the code for "Ball Family Reserve." The BFR models by EB/MM usually featured nicer grades of wood, "roasted maple" necks, etc. Anymore, I think almost everything made by EB/MM is available in a "BFR" version.

The JPX and the JPXI have a slightly different body shape than does the original John Petrucci design. They have a flatter fretboard radius and I believe the new version is chambered (slightly); I do not know if the original style had the chamber slots.

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