Hi all

I bought an Epiphone Les Paul "Goldtop" about 10 years ago and the time has come to sell it (moving abroad).

The problem is... I have no idea what model it is.. let me explain..

Pickups - standard goldtop pickups are cream, these are black with double coils showing.

Headstock - goldtop says "goldtop", mine says "gibson".

I've ran the serial number (U03042877) search which shows:

Your guitar was made at the
Unsung Plant, Korea
April 2003
Production Number: 2877

This doesnt tell me what model it is though.

Some pics:

ht tp://www.flickr.com/photos/95366204@N08/8688680414/in/photostream

ht tp://www.flickr.com/photos/95366204@N08/8688679838/in/photostream

Can anyone help please?
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1993 w/ Grover tuners - It could be an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul '57 Goldtop with the original pickups swapped out

But Elitists were made in Japan, no ?
Interesting, thanks guys...

I took a pic of the backside of the neck pickup:

ht tp://www.flickr.com/photos/95366204@N08/8688776522/in/photostream

Having googled "HB6N" they look pretty cheap?

I'm half tempted now to just keep it in storage and swap out the pickups when i get back to the UK
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Elitists = Japan correct.

Couldn't match the truss rod cover / Grover tuners to anything else, using Epiphone's website. Nothing else matching on their site had the "Gibson" truss rod cover.

You should look back into 2003 !

they've probably updated their wesite.....
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