Hi guys, I'm looking for some help.

I bought some new pickups for my Fender Blacktop Baritone tele (Bareknuckle blackdog bridge and 2 piledrivers for middle and neck)

I've wired them up and for the most part it's okay. But when the 5-way switch is in the middle position the sound is coming from the neck and bridge pickups.

(I used this diagram ) except I have an import switch with the pins inline rather than two banks of 4.
I believe the switch is (top to bottom): 1. bridge, 2. middle, 3. neck, 4. common, 5. common, 6. bridge, 7. middle, 8. neck
So I have the pickups in order soldered to the first three, pin 4 connected to the volume pot. Then I soldered the green and white wires from the blackdog to pin 6 and ground pin 7.

I unattached pin 6 and 7 (as some diagrams show them unconnected) but nothing changed.

Also, the middle pickup is RWRP.

Is there anything really obvious that I've missed? Does anyone have any suggestions? If you need more info let me know.
Thanks, I have it wired up that way. The main problem is why am I not getting the middle pickup when in position 3? Could the RWRP be in the wrong place?