Hey UG! Just recently acquired a boss sd-1 for cheap and was wondering you guys knew of any more mods i could do to it to make it more useable as a standalone overdrive.
So far, i have clipped C6 and i have switched out C3 for a 0.1uf capacitor for more bass and R2 for a better bypass signal
To be rather honest, i dont hear a very drastic change. Removing C6 definitely "opened" the tone of the pedal up, but i didnt feel like the C3 swap did much for the bass.
I would like it to have more bass/kick and just have an overall fuller sound.
What other things should i swap out? I'm pretty new to soldering but i think i have a pretty good handle on it. I didnt bother to look up any monte allums or keeley mods, i just wanted to figure out what necessary changes i could make and do it kinda custom-like. Any suggestions guys??
Just for kicks and giggles, here are a few pics of it

Bleed fix mod?
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Here are the mods i've made so far, most of them are just capacitor changes, havent switched out many resistors yet

C1 - .047uf
C2, C7, C10 - 1.0uf
removed C6
C3 - 0.1uf
C8 - 0.1uf
R2 - 1meg
D4 - 3mm red LED
D5, D6 - 1n4001 silicon diode

I based most of the capacitor changes on this "big yeller" mod i read about on some another forum and raised R2 for a better bypass tone

This thing really kicks now! It's more capable of being used as a standalone OD with my Night Train set to a clean-ish tone.

Any suggestions on what other things I could do to it to make it even better? Perhaps any resistor changes?

I've been thinking about experimenting with a different op-amp, perhaps a TL072, LM1458, or 4559. maybe mess around with different diodes too, I'd like to keep the clipping asymmetrical, but with a smoother overall tone
Quote by Emperor's Child
Bleed fix mod?

not entirely necessary for me, I keep the gain knob around 10:00 actually. dont play with very much gain. use a booster for lead playing. plus, swapping out R2 for 1meg actually did seem to make a difference in the bypass tone for the better