I've always had that dream of writing movie scores for big Hollywood films and start my own production company like Two Steps From Hell or something like that.
The thing is, I have no idea where to start. I've written lots of score-like music that just sits in the drawer.
I suppose I would need alot of connections to get in the business. Well, im 17 and don't have any.
Please guide me about the situation.

Thank you!
I would start local, find aspiring young film makers and start working with them. Meanwhile I would edit scores to scenes and post them on youtube or something and then start sending them to agencies that handle film composers and ask to intern or try and find out a way to send it to a professional film composer through them.
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go to college. i wouldn't major in music necessarily, just whatever interests you or you find might be helpful in the job market/a backup, but definitely do the college thing. it's simply a great way to meet people

i don't know what you mean by "score-like music". do you know how to write standard notation? can you operate software like sibelius? do you have good experience with at least one DAW? you should have all of these skills at your fingertips or your potential employer will find someone who will.

it's a rough business, and yes, it is about meeting the right people, but if you meet the right people and you don't have your ducks in a row already, it's all for naught.

do some indie scores, produce your own music at home. hell, foodwishes (a huge youtube food channel) started from a guy testing A/V equipment, and the band periphery started basically from a college drop-out posting demos on soundclick and a couple forums, so don't put your eggs all into the film basket.

who knows, maybe you'll find you have a knack for DJing or something while experimenting and become the next (insert person i loathe), or maybe you'll wind up at a shit office job at 32 making b-film scores for free on weekends. it's all about being proactive and taking advantage of the resources available to you, and at 17 you've got plenty of time to test the waters.
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TS, I'll tell you this, film scoring is a whole other ball game. There's a real steep learning curve coming for you when get you first gig. Also you may find you actually hate scoring films once you actually start doing them, half the challenges aren't actually in the music.

If you believe the score-like music that you've written is any good then there are temp music libraries you can upload them to. These are places where many people who are looking for film music come to find music with certain moods. If they happen to listen to your tracks and think it works. They can pay small licensing fee to use your music and if they want more, they might even send you an email and get you to score their film.

Meanwhile, go to indie film festivals and meeting some of the up coming film makers to develop more contacts. You might get a few gigs this way if you're lucky and have good social skills.