I have been using the line 6 hd500 for some time now and find that the tone I can get out of it (both through an amp+cab, and through an admittedly dryer sounding mixer) is incredible. Basically i love the sound. I've played it using several guitars and what i've found is, while my guitar choice affects the tone, I can always compensate on the pod console and find the sound i'm looking for.

I'm shopping aroud for a more expensive guitar and I'd like to hear your opinion about this. In my opinion, with digital modeling software, the tone of a new guitar i buy is almost irrelevent, and i'm shopping strictly for playability.

I guess what i'm wondering is if i'm doing something terribly wrong with my approach, since i'm about to lay down quite a bit of money ( for me)

Thanks in advance for any help
I did have a post written here but I'm really not sure what you're asking the more I think about it. Are you looking for advice on what guitar to buy or what?

Also, this is the wrong forum really, this should be in "Electric Guitar"; GT is for talking about the physical aspect of playing the guitar more than anything else.
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